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Brief introduction of Hot Press

Jul 18, 2017

Hot-Press machine can also be called the bonding machine, some people call the pressure screen machine, can be divided into: constant warm press, pulse Hot Press, dual-position hot Press, double pressure head pulse Hot Press, Desktop hot Press.

It is a two of the best flux tin plating parts heated enough to make the solder melt, the flow of temperature, after curing, between the parts and solder form a permanent electrical mechanical connection equipment, should be different products, heating speed can be selected, titanium alloy pressure head to ensure the average temperature, heating fast and the use of life, pressure head especially the use of horizontal adjustable design to ensure that the assembly pressure average, temperature NC, clear precision, with digital pressure gauges, can preset pressure range.

Applicable to mobile phone manufacturers, touch screen manufacturers, computers, printers, membrane switches and so on some aspects, the European Union automation is mainly to do mobile phone screen, touch screen, LCD screen and so on some of the screen equipment, including screen Repair series equipment.