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Difference between hot-press and cold press

Jul 18, 2017

1. Hot Press, is the heating device, but also to be processed materials before heating, and then can be processed. Wood presses mainly in the oil pressure and compressed air as the driving force, so there should be enough air pressure and gas, the whole structure of the rack with steel plate, the overall configuration is reasonable, two of workstations can be recycled, also can be used alone.

2. Cold press is no heating device, so it does not require heating operation, cold press is divided into cold drying system and compression system, cold dry system main refrigeration, the core is the evaporator, it can transport the cooling volume, and then the refrigerant in which the absorption of compressed air heat, in order to achieve dehydration and drying; compression system is the whole cold dryer heart, with inhalation, compression, transport refrigerant steam role.