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Do You Have the Correct Sublimation Paper?

Aug 28, 2019

You can get many graphics that are already made and ready to go right onto the coffee mug, travel mug, or water bottle. However, you can also buy blank sublimation paper and print on it using your own printer at home (provided you are using the correct sublimation paper with the correct inkjet printer) and create any design you’d like. This is great for companies who want to use graphics from their own graphic designers or even crafters who are great with computers as well.

This would be the perfect time to learn how to use a program like PhotoShop to make great designs for mugs and water bottles to print out yourself if you aren’t already familiar with the program.

Make sure that even if you have the correct printer, you are using the correct ink. Some printers have different ink for use with regular printing and for use with photo printing. Consult the manufacturer of the printer or the brand of the sublimation paper to see which you should be using.