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Matters needing attention in the selection of ironing machine

Jul 18, 2017

Hot drawing Machine's core components are heating plate, so, in the selection of hot drawing machines should pay attention to the upper and lower plate should be aluminum material, and heating tube cast in the aluminum plate, such as the upper plate is aluminum plate slotting, then with a heating tube affixed to the above, will cause unnecessary energy loss, use will have a slow temperature, temperature difference, such as large defects, under the plate, such as iron plate or other materials, long-term work in high temperature and pressure environment, will be very easy to deformation aging.

According to the heating plate area is different, the upper and lower board all have the weight standard, if too light, too thin, the heating board will be easy to deform, affects the use, generally speaking, the heavier the weight uses the performance more reliable.

The machine on the plate under pressure, and the lower plate should be absolutely parallel, such as testing on board the bite is close in four corners were placed on a hard disk or other sheet-like ductile material objects, and then the handle is pressed, to be on board card bite after death, will pull out of cardboard you know, on the lower plate is smooth, the machine is qualified.