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Standard operation of hot-pressing machine components

Jul 18, 2017

1. In the hot pressing machine's work process, must keep the hot pressing board the upper and lower surface clean, promptly cleans the sundry, lest damage the hot plate surface and affects the pressure product surface quality.

2. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the plunger, to avoid grinding damage to the seal ring, the phenomenon of oil spills, and the use of hydraulic oil must be clean, depending on the actual situation to replace or filter the oil.

3. The heat source system should be added to the inlet of the hot oil pump to facilitate the disassembly and cleaning filter, the filtration accuracy is not greater than 0.5mm.

4. Hot Press Hydraulic valve installation surface, joints, flanges if there is oil leakage phenomenon, should replace the sealing ring, and hydraulic system should be adjusted before work.