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Thermal Transfer Printing Machine overview

Jul 18, 2017

Belongs to the category of transfer printing, can be on the cloth, has done clothing heat transfer printing, can also do clothing heat transfer printing, or socks or other chemical fiber cloth heat transfer printing, from the working way, and flat screen printing, circular screen printing way has a relatively large difference.

Before the transfer of cloth, clothing, garments, first with sublimation dye ink printing machine printing to a specific printing paper, to become a transfer printing paper, and then the printed paper on the design side of the fabric onto the transfer printing machine through heating pressure, so that the transfer printing paper sublimation dye ink through gasification transfer to the fabric.

This type of printing method has a than screen printing or circular screen printing easy, it is not necessary to steam after printing, washing, drying, stereotypes. Unfortunately: the wool and cotton fabric can not be printed.