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What Can a Heat Press Be Used For?

Aug 15, 2019

Heat presses are a great way to create personalized items for your business or present for family and friends.

They can be used with fabrics, plastic, mouse mats and ceramics, as long as you check first that the surface you are printing on to is compatible. The best heat press machine for beginners is one which will allow you to use a number of different materials. Uses for a heat press are many and just some of the items you can create are:

T-shirts, sweatshirts and sports shirts with any logo or design you choose

Tea towels, cushion covers, and bedding to brighten up the home or to sell with your own unique design.

Mouse mats to promote your business.

Mugs for marketing or for personalizing as gifts.

Handbags and makeup bags.

Carrier bags for your business.

Caps for your sports team

Before you start, check that the heat press you are buying can handle the items you want to create.