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Why are there such a range of heat press prices?

Aug 23, 2019

Heat presses, like most other equipment USCutter offers, are sold in a wide range of prices. Our heat press offerings are similar to our vinyl cutters, in that, we offer VALUE heat presses and PROFESSIONAL heat presses. 
Value heat presses are ideal for hobbyists and other entry-level users. A fledgling sign business looking to add imprinted garments, etc to their lineup might start out with one of our value units. Heat presses in this price range are typically Chinese made, and have manual open/close functions.

A more sophisticated user with higher demands, (for example, a t-shirt customization company printing all day every day) would be better suited for one of our higher-end professional models, such as one made by Hotronix or Geo Knight. The price is typically higher on these, but these heat presses are engineered to stand up to production level operation and yield consistent results for a long period of time. Some of these models also feature time and effort saving features, such as auto-opening when the item has finished pressing. Some heat presses also have a table surface that allows you to set up the item to be imprinted while another one is being pressed at the same time. The warranty differs on the various press models as well: Value Chinese-made heat presses carry a 90-day warranty, while professional models typically carry at least a 2-year warranty.