LED Display Lying Mug Heat Press Machine

Product Details

Product Details
Product name: LED display lying mug heat press machine

The Digital Mug Press is a specialty press in the Digital STC line of presses; exclusively for pressing mugs. This press is a full wrap-around, handle to handle, top-to-bottom printing mug press. It is fully adjustable, accommodating all mugs available on the market. This includes 6oz, 10oz, 11 oz, 12 oz, 1 steins and stainless steel travel mugs. The ability of the press to open extra wide allows for easy and fast loading and unloading of mugs from the press. The thick solid steel framework and t clamp assembly provides a heavy duty framework for non-stop use. The clamp assembly can be adjusted for very heavy pressure, allowing for full bleed transfers on even the most demanding mugs. Finally - a mug press that compensates for less than perfectly straight mugs!
Model: STC-KB04
Voltage: 220V or 110V
Power: 350W
Working size: 2"-2.75" diameter (6oz )
                          2.5"-3.0" diameter (10oz )
                          3"-3.5" diameter (11oz )
                          2oz cone mug

• Full digital temperature control
• Automatic digital timer
• Solid steel welded framework
• SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology
• Soft heater liner for accommodating inconsistent mugs
• Interchangeable mug heater
• Records number of pressing cycles done
• Scratch resistant, baked on powder coat finish
• Easy to set the pressure control
• Heavy duty design
• Temperature readout accuracy +-2°F - can show °C or °F
• Based on kinesiology design, simply operation, equality pressure
• Energy saving machine, economical


Application areas
The mug heat press is one of the most reliable small mug heat press on the market. It is ideal for sublimation printing on mugs which is for gifts or advertisement.


After sale
• Lifetime warranty, free replacement of electronic accessories within one year


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