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Analyze The Solder Joint Of Manual Heat Presses

Sep 25, 2017

Analyze the solder joint of Manual Heat Presses
A Manual Heat Presses is a device that heats two parts of a pre-fluxed tinplate to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After curing, a permanent electrical mechanical connection between the part and the solder is formed. Temperature control, clear and sophisticated. Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the preset pressure range. Therefore, the Manual Heat Presses soldering process is very important. Below, Manual Heat Presses manufacturers will give you a description of Manual Heat Presses welding soldering point.
1, the solder joints should have sufficient mechanical strength, to ensure that the weldment in the vibration or shock will not fall off, loose. Can not use too much solder accumulation, which is likely to cause Weld, solder joints and solder joints short circuit.
2, reliable welding, with good conductivity, must prevent the Weld. Weld is the solder and the surface of the weldment is not formed alloy structure. Just simply attached to the surface of the metal being welded.
3, the solder surface should be smooth, clean, the solder surface should be a good luster, there should be no burrs, voids, no dirt, especially the harmful residues of flux, to choose the right solder and flux.
Press at the time of work, there are any questions will affect the quality of the plate, first of all to carefully check the quality of glue, the procurement of high-quality glue; also pay attention to the uniform time in the coating; pay attention to curing veneer, so Its moisture content within the scale of the rules. And then should be replaced in a timely manner Manual Heat Presses plate; sometimes the appearance of the pad there may be rubber pieces or debris, resulting in Manual Heat Presses degumming, so just clean it up on it.
In the use of Manual Heat Presses should pay attention to its maintenance, after use to ensure that the mechanical clean, once the problem will be dealt with immediately.
In the production of how to ensure the safety of the first time?
1, Manual Heat Presses at normal temperature, the installed plate to stay in the Manual Heat Presses within the time, not more than 10 minutes, but also to avoid operational errors, or Manual Heat Presses machine failure and other phenomena, so as not to damage equipment.
2, Manual Heat Presses operation must be responsible for the person, should understand the structure and performance of the equipment, after passing the training before the induction operation, and the operator should wear protective equipment, so as not to be hot pressing machine burned.
3, Manual Heat Presses after the use of each class, to conduct a comprehensive clean, and do the appropriate record.
In the Manual Heat Presses shutdown, the hot plate should be in a closed state, if the long-term use, must take anti-corrosion measures to ensure the normal use of Manual Heat Presses.
Manual Heat Presses is now used in the production of sheet metal machines, Manual Heat Presses manufacturers of this machine in the plate when the plate can be squeezed together, so as to improve the quality of the plate itself, so much on the market Manual Heat Presses, how can we pick the right Manual Heat Presses?
     In the choice of Manual Heat Presses when we must choose a more formal Manual Heat Presses manufacturers to buy, so that not only can guarantee the quality of Manual Heat Presses is better, but also in the Manual Heat Presses price will be cheaper. Manual Heat Presses in the choice of time must be carefully checked Manual Heat Presses is not part of the Manual Heat Presses after the conversion of inferior products, as far as possible in the inspection to open the Manual Heat Presses inside to see its internal line is not Very new, and see whether the surface corrosion.
     This will allow you to choose a better Manual Heat Presses, but also to ensure that Manual Heat Presses will not often appear when some unusual problems, more information, please call the Manual Heat Presses manufacturers to order.