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Automatic Heat Presses Conditions Of Use Introduced

Nov 06, 2017

Automatic Heat Presses conditions of use introduced
Automatic Heat Presses for the conditions of use, many users do not understand this, so there will be some minor problems when used, this Automatic Heat Presses manufacturers specifically for you to summarize a bit!
Automatic Heat Presses normal use must meet the following conditions, the location of the machine power supply voltage fluctuations, ambient temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity less than 80%. The machine should be located away from the vibration source, should avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation effects, to avoid the impact of moisture and airflow. Such as the machine near the vibration source, the machine should be set around the anti-vibration ditch. Otherwise it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine, will make the electronic components poor contact, failure, affecting the reliability of the machine. In the vicinity of 10,000 clean rooms without vibration source is the best.
First of all, we all know that the temperature of NC, a clear precision, while the temperature control of the operation, clear and precise, unique material welding head, to ensure that the product pressure on average, if we operate it will find his conditioning Registration is very easy, reducing a lot of technical problems. Can produce LCD, HSC metal machine 売 stereotypes, powerful.
The appearance of the device needs to be simply wiped clean the remaining substances present in the device. Second, the need to add lubricants in the equipment location, to add lubricants in a timely manner, but also need to regularly replace the equipment lubricants. Again, adequate rest can effectively avoid the fatigue of the equipment and reduce the degree of wear of the equipment. In addition, adequate maintenance work, equipment can always maintain the perfect state, to facilitate the smooth operation of production.
Automatic Heat Presses in our purchase, where to distinguish Automatic Heat Presses old and new?
First, check the work surface, scratches are difficult to repair. Second, check the screw edge, repeated removal of the screws will leave traces, including the Phillips screw; Third, as much as possible to shake the machine, if the machine was used, crushed material Will be stuck in the corner of the machine, a simple clean-up can not be thoroughly cleaned, with the vibration, the dried material will be scattered out;
In addition, the observation of Automatic Heat Presses plugs plug the situation can also be seen some tricky, so as to accurately select a new cotton filling machine.
Automatic Heat Presses need to pass through the post audit before they can take office, first of all, we must know that we should not fatigue work and drink operation, when we encounter a machine failure must not be repaired in the machine's work, responsible for the equipment Conduct routine inspection and maintenance, and strictly in accordance with safe operating procedures. In the Automatic Heat Presses work process is strictly prohibited to avoid illegal operations, employees must strictly according to the norms of operation, not fatigue and drink operation.
In the course of the use of the problems encountered should be solved immediately, such as the discovery of Automatic Heat Presses up and down the temperature inconsistency, to immediately identify the problem to be solved, this is because in order to improve the heat transfer oil carrier Automatic Heat Presses temperature control accuracy, developed a Process - A problem with cascade control systems arises because the system achieves the purpose of rapid thermostat control by controlling the heating and cooling of the thermal oil, respectively. So we have to check the temperature control system.
If an Automatic Heat Presses device fails, the entire workflow will stop, so we need to understand his troubleshooting method. We can use the equipment on the instrument, instrument, sensor and related equipment to detect the relevant parts of the device temperature, pressure, voltage, current, vibration frequency, power consumption, efficiency, automatic detection of finished products and equipment output parameters such as dynamic, to determine Automatic Heat Presses fault.