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Characteristics Of Heat Transfer Processing Technology

Jul 18, 2017

First, the thermal transfer process of the picture exquisite

General fine pictures as long as the ordinary hot drawing machine can be completed, why the picture is exquisite, for example, when our designers want to make their own products above the various patterns, and use the design tools to our thermal transfer processing plants, they can basically be processed.

Second, the application of thermal transfer process wide

Thermal transfer processing application of a wide range, it is not only limited to the traditional textile fabrics above, there are now metal, wood, crystal, plastic and so on can use the heat transfer processing technology to process their desired pattern.

Third, thermal transfer processing green environmental protection

Many companies now use the equipment has reached the green level of environmental protection.

The thermal transfer operation is simple.

With the development and renewal of technology, thermal transfer processing technology is no longer as difficult as it is imagined, for example, now use the application INKTRK thermal transfer ink, no need to color, pattern once molding, no need to register, and with C-aw heat transfer paper, just print out, simple operation, exquisite printing, low production costs.