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Digital Printing Machine Maintenance Instructions

Jan 03, 2019

  For the majority of users, it is very easy to buy a digital printing machine, but some customers have not failed in three or five years, and some users often have small failures after one year of use. This is related to daily maintenance and repair. Like a car, maintenance and repair are especially important. Therefore, we must regularly maintain and maintain the digital printing machine, here are some common sense about maintenance and maintenance:

1. Regularly clean the oil in the copper sleeve to ensure the smoothness of the optical axis.

2. Regularly clean the debris in the belt groove, or remove it and wash it with detergent.

3, the data line has discounts, copper leakage and other phenomena should be dealt with in a timely manner.

4, the grating has a lifting phenomenon, and timely processing. Regularly use a cotton swab to rub a small amount of alcohol on both sides.

5. There is ink deposit on the contact belt, which can check whether the ink path and the nozzle are leaking, or too much ink in the ink tank.

6. Regularly clean the ink tank and ink path.