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Heat Reflow Problem Of Multipurpose Heat Presses

Sep 04, 2017

Heat Reflow Problem of Multipurpose Heat Presses
    Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers equipment applications, the heat is very important application problems, users and friends need to strictly control to ensure that its heat is normal, to achieve better results in this application, the heat back to the impact of its Apply the effect, need to understand in advance to clear the relevant information.
    Want to avoid the heat reflow phenomenon in the application of Multipurpose Heat Presses, need to ensure that the hot plate has the same flow, the most smooth on the bottom of the multi-functional hot press, the most open is on the top; At the same time the top and bottom of the two layers, to use asbestos insulation, the purpose of doing so is to prevent Multipurpose Heat Presses because of overheating and damage, to achieve better sheet hot pressing effect.
    Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers in order to make the hot layer hot plate to achieve the most ideal flow, usually hot plate are controlled separately, so that in some special circumstances, you can achieve the best results, if the multi-functional hot Machine heat return situation, according to the above method, can effectively avoid unnecessary economic losses.
 Multipurpose Heat Presses products are very user-approved, natural heat transfer oil is one of the important additives in the use of Multipurpose Heat Presses, its economy, energy efficiency and advanced nature is very critical, the following we to detail To understand its advanced information.
   The heat transfer oil has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, the heat conduction oil can be heated to 300 ℃, and the working pressure of the system is only the heat pump need to overcome the pipeline resistance cycle pressure. Generally, the heat transfer oil can reach a high boiling point at a low pressure of 0.4-0.6 MPa. Heating oil heating using closed heating cycle system, heat transfer is ideal, heat transfer uniform, heating temperature change is small, can accurately control the operating temperature, heating equipment, the temperature difference can be controlled within ± 2 ℃, or even can reach ± 1 ℃ The
   For Multipurpose Heat Presses, the hot plate heating temperature is generally around 200 ℃, this temperature can be set to play a better Multipurpose Heat Presses performance, to produce a better quality of the plate, the following we have to detail Learn about.
In the production of sheet metal and ultimately to use Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers of machinery and equipment, such a large equipment, we must use the regular operation and good maintenance, so as to ensure that its long life, the following I To understand the specific details of conservation
   Speaking of conservation, the first thing to do is to the appearance of multi-functional hot press equipment for a simple wipe, the equipment exists in the residual material clean. In addition, the need for equipment in the need to add the location of lubricants, to add lubricants in time, but also need to regularly replace the equipment, lubricants. Of course, adequate rest is also very necessary, so that it can effectively avoid the fatigue of the equipment operation, reduce the degree of equipment wear.
   Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers that adequate maintenance work, to make Multipurpose Heat Presses equipment always maintain a perfect state, and easy to run in the smooth operation, it must not ignore the maintenance to bring the benefits of mechanical equipment operation.
Multipurpose Heat Presses under the steel plate is one of the common anomalies, the reason may be used for too long, making the steel on the glue. There is the elastic Multipurpose Heat Presses set, should be based on material temperature, and then increase about 20 degrees. In addition, Multipurpose Heat Presses out of pressure will affect the use of equipment, the emergence of this unusual reason is the overflow valve caused by the phenomenon of oil spills; so as to ensure the use of multi-functional hot press.