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Heat Transfer Industry Prospects

Nov 24, 2018

"Hot transfer" is wide-ranging, indeed, we use the LOGO on the surface of the cup, the various patterns on the clothes and the shackles, the VIP card map style on the business card, and now the bathroom wash tiles on the bedroom of the city people. Printed with color patterns, etc. These are transferred by thermal transfer technology (there are individual products co-located with silk screen and other processes). Do you feel that these things printed on your side have an incredible feeling? It’s true that this “something” with a three-dimensional sense of personality and personality is the credit of thermal transfer technology!


Nowadays, all walks of life are developing rapidly, human life is constantly improving, and all kinds of materials are constantly being updated. Fashion is the most popular trend in this society. "Sublimation" is also the trend of the industry in this era.