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Hot Press Factory For You To Analyze The Hydraulic System Of Hot Press

Oct 11, 2019

Because the adhesive heating and curing should be in the end of the pressure stage, so fast closing speed is beneficial to the process and power, on the one hand, can reduce the heating of the slab under non-pressure, prevent the slab surface water loss too much, cause warping, also prevent the pre-curing of the adhesive, reduce the quality of the veneer; On the other hand, can shorten the auxiliary time, improve the productivity of the press. In order to make the press open and close smoothly, usually set up a mechanical synchronous equipment or hydraulic system to adhere to the synchronization.

Hydraulic cylinder is the central part of the hydraulic system, most wood processing press are now selected plunger type hydraulic cylinder. Large diameter cylinder plunger choose alloy casting, its characteristics are high hardness, hardness layer thick, scratch resistance, better than carbon steel heat treatment plunger; Small diameter cylinder plunger, with carbon steel heat treatment surface hard chromium plating, surface hardness layer thin.

Because hot press is general requirement fast open and close speed, accept impact to press, so cylinder body has the material that needs to choose higher intensity. About the general small diameter, long stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, can choose seamless thick wall steel tube to make. About a few tall requirement cylinder body can choose casting or casting cylinder.

The hot press work table that general wood processing and furniture make use of is bigger, in order to make pressure distribution even, consider the rationality that the structure places again, choose multi-cylinder type structure mostly.

Hot press itself in the hot press manufacturers production problems are not many, but a large part of them on the hydraulic system, such as oil leakage and can not maintain pressure. A lot of common sense and requirements about hydraulic systems are not here - to mention, but should be taken very seriously in the selection.