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Hot Press Purchase Should Pay Attention To These Problems, Hot Press Factory Told You

Oct 11, 2019

1 in the selection of the use of pulse hot press, to find a regular mall and boutique to buy, so about its quality will have a good guarantee.

2 in the selection of pulse hot press, to pay attention to the brand of its products, to choose a commitment to the brand of good reputation for purchase, such a choice in the future protection and maintenance is also a great help.

3. Select the type of pulse hot press, pay attention to its temperature scheduling planning, but also can be well applied to the temperature of welding products, the best choice is the temperature to CNC, high precision.

4 generally in the selection of pulse hot press time, to choose the vacuum function, so can be a good scheduling of welding on the site, making the operation becomes more brief.

5 in the selection of pulse hot press, but also to have a digital press, so that in the welding operation, can determine its pressure planning.

Hot press use of warm tips

For your personal safety and to ensure the normal operation of the press, please follow the following instructions:

1. In case of emergency, please pull the safety rope in time or immediately shoot the emergency stop button!

2. Do not put your hand into the press during the closing process!

3. After power on, press the circulating pump button first, and then suggest two sets of heating buttons respectively; Two sets of heating buttons should be closed half an hour before work, the circulation pump button should be closed before shutdown, the press should be closed (do not pressurize, just closed), play an insulating role to prevent falling into the dust.

4, the pressing workpiece placed in strict accordance with the requirements of the press diagram, hot plate appearance spread, remember thickness is different, not into the press.

5, adhere to the hot plate appearance clean, prevent small particles stay for a long time, resulting in uneven hot plate appearance.

6. When the press is not in use, make sure that the press is closed (the pressure is adjusted to the minimum) after each layer is put into the lining plate, so as to avoid falling into the dust.

7. Change the external power supply, and first investigate whether the motor and circulating pump are turning forward after starting up.

8. Timely tighten screws of all parts (electric cabinet screws, heating parts screws, fixing hot plate screws), modify lubricating oil for synchronous organization and hot plate guide plate.

9, strictly according to the instructions required time and method to replace heat conduction oil and hydraulic oil (Great Wall brand 300# or 320# heat conduction oil, 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil).

10. Time unit: SEC second, 10s and 10 seconds; Min min, 10m 10 min; HRS hours and 10h and 10h hours, the screw on the left side of the roll time relay can change the dial value, and the screw on the right side of the roll time relay can change the dial unit.