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How Does The Hot Press Work?

Sep 19, 2019

High precision of temperature control, the product quality is enough to make up for the slight increase in energy consumption, the selection of thermal oil heater heating hot press than direct electric heating way is much better, so how does the hot press work?

Hot press is basically in air pressure blower in many aspects, with special glue, in view of the pVc series products production and processing, the linear timely and paste is the air pressure machine can't compare, because it's too much pressure, low temperature, film pressure speed, deal with the air pressure machine and equipment production and processing steel (very large-scale steel) deformation problem, make the deformation degree of steel is reduced greatly.

A hot press is a machine that heats two pre-prepared parts tinned with flux to a temperature that allows the wire to melt and flow. After drying and solidifying, it creates a permanent electro-mechanical connection between the parts and the wire.

The hot press adopts the advanced electronic new product control, through the adjustment may enter the stage, the rising stage, the heating, the vacuum, the film pressure, the film removal, the falling stage processing procedure automatically completes. It is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is made of steel plate, with a reasonable overall structure. The two workstations can be recycled or used separately. Vacuum can be adjusted to the first low pressure, then high pressure suction, film pressure up to 0.4MPa, through adjustment, so that the product to achieve the ideal effect.