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How To Choose A Clothing T-shirt Printing Machine?

Jan 10, 2019

Digital thermal transfer printing technology is a new technology that combines traditional thermal transfer technology with digital printing technology to print color images and patterns in a plate-free format. This technology was first applied in the United States, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. It was mainly used in advertising, signage, card, and ceramic image production in China. At present, with the widening of the application field, it is more widely used in industrial production, such as digital printing and garment production, shoe material production, webbing, clothing label and other industrial production, and the application products are increasing. According to their own quantity, many T-shirt printing machines use thermal transfer printing machines.

Traditional printing process:

1, need to make plate, sun film, high cost of plate making, costing proofing is expensive.

2, the color is more complex, once the customization can not be modified.

3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long.

4. Due to the high cost of plate making, mass production is required to reduce costs.

5, multiple overprinting, high scrap rate, large deviation of color.

6. Skilled workers with many years of experience.

Thermal transfer printing machine:

1, no plate making, low cost, support a variety of computer output software.

2, directly through the computer to change color anytime, anywhere, no additional cost.

3, one step to complete, that is, ready to print, to meet the needs of fast sample and finished products.

4, drum type thermal transfer printing machine, can be mass-produced, saving time and effort.

5, thermal transfer printing machine printing speed of 1-6 meters per minute, speed increase, reduce costs.