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How To Do Degumming Of Multipurpose Heat Presses?

Oct 13, 2017

Multipurpose Heat Presses products are essential for the production of wood, in the production of plywood has a very important role, but sometimes in the use of time there will be degumming phenomenon, then how do we do?
Multipurpose Heat Presses at the time of work, showing any doubt will affect the quality of the plate, first of all to carefully check the quality of glue, the procurement of high-quality glue; also pay attention to the uniform time in the coating; pay attention to curing veneer, Let its moisture content within the scale of the rules. And then should be timely replacement Multipurpose Heat Presses pad; sometimes the appearance of the pad there are pieces of plastic or debris, resulting in Multipurpose Heat Presses degumming, so just clean it up on it.
Multipurpose Heat Presses When there is an abnormality, it is necessary to make timely judgment and to deal with it accurately. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the quality of the sheet. More information about the information can inquire.
Multipurpose Heat Presses Manufacturers will find that the heat transfer oil is the ideal heating medium, which has been widely used in Multipurpose Heat Presses. But in use there is a certain requirement, the following we have a detailed look at it!
First, the heat transfer oil should be prohibited to mix into the water and low boiling point volatile, do not allow different varieties of thermal oil mixed use. It must be used below the specified rated temperature, as well as in the system to prohibit it at high temperatures and air for a long time contact, this will speed up its oxidation, thereby shortening the service life. It should be noted that the choice of Multipurpose Heat Presses thermal conductivity of the thermal conductivity of oil to large, its flash point and spontaneous ignition point to be high.
In the replacement of the seal when the time to pay attention to avoid into the dirt, impurities, etc., but also pay attention to safety issues. Then, wait until the support bracket support fixed, and then the replacement of the seal. In addition, the replacement of the ring in the process, but also pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of flange flange, so as not to affect the Multipurpose Heat Presses production quality.
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Operators should wear protective equipment to avoid being burned by Multipurpose Heat Presses. Multipurpose Heat Presses At normal temperatures, the mounting plate should remain in the Multipurpose Heat Presses for more than 10 minutes. Pay attention to avoid operational errors, or Multipurpose Heat Presses electrical failure and other phenomena, so as not to damage the equipment. After the Multipurpose Heat Presses have been used, it is necessary to clean and make the appropriate records. There is, if the equipment fails, according to the provisions of the operation.
In the Multipurpose Heat Presses work, to strictly abide by the operating procedures, the correct operation, and in the usual should strengthen its management, strictly prohibit cotton yarn, wood chips, coal blocks may block the debris into the flotation machine; also strictly prohibited Bolts, nuts and other metal substances into the flotation machine, so as not to damage the circulating pump. But also pay attention to the operation of the circulating pump, often check the motor and pump shaft cover the temperature rise; often check the bearing tank oil level, the regular injection or replacement of lubricants; and regular inspection, lubrication level control agencies to ensure its operational flexibility , If not flexible will be timely repair replacement.