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How To Heat Press On 100% Airlume Combed & Ring-Spun Cotton

Sep 11, 2019

Cotton is the maximum common printable fabric in the clothing enterprise. as it’s so resilient, you could use a spread of instances and temperatures. bella+canvas makes use of only a hundred% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, which has drastically much less stray fibers and impurities than any other cotton product in the marketplace. that imply, the tight weave and smooth surface is the nice to print on.

Stahls recommends pairing our one hundred% cotton tees with their cad-reduce® fashion movie® htv. this htv is thought for its light-weight, tender, matte end and is stahls’ most charge-point product, which pairs high-quality with our most price-point garments.  

Right here are the steps on the way to warmth press on our 100% airlume cotton tees:

Set the warmth press temperature to 320 tiers (stahls recommends using their hotronix® auto clam warmth press)

Thread the product onto the system to ensure even pressure

Speedy press the garment to easy out the wrinkles

Location the fashion film in the ideal spot

Press for 12 – 15 seconds

At once peel fashion film transfer even as it’s nevertheless hot