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How To Solve The Return Phenomenon Of Automatic Heat Presses

Oct 13, 2017

Automatic Heat Presses manufacturers in the production process, if there is a reflow phenomenon, then the quality of production is a great impact, so be sure to prevent the emergence of this phenomenon.
First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the hot plate has the same flow, the most open on the Automatic Transport Presses at the bottom, the most inconvenient is on the highest level; the top and bottom of the two layers, using asbestos The purpose of this is to prevent the Automatic Heat Presses from being damaged by overheating. Finally, in order to make the hot layer hot plate to achieve the most ideal flow, hot plate must be controlled separately, so that in some special circumstances, you can achieve the best results.
In the case of Automatic Heat Presses, it is advisable to proceed as described above in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
Do you have any precautions to clean up the workplace, machine equipment before operating Automatic Heat Presses?
Should be based on the actual situation of the substrate, to the Automatic Heat Presses the pressure gauge for debugging, but also according to the actual situation to debug Automatic Heat Presses the thermometer. Need to turn on the Automatic Heat Presses power switch, heating switch, preheat work, under normal circumstances about 1 hour warm up on it. Wait until the Automatic Heat Presses reach the specified temperature, the substrate will be coated with the surface of the glue, pay attention to evenly applied, and then the corresponding dough on the substrate surface, pay attention to correct. And then put it into the work table of Automatic Heat Presses, to be placed smoothly, close the hot press, start hot pressing, to reach the specified time, down the hot press.
Finally, after hot pressing, remove the flat on the trimming table, the trimming and other operations, complete the operation after the classification of neatly stacked.
Automatic Heat Presses manufacturers suggested that if the Automatic Heat Presses in the process of abnormal, it should be dealt with in a timely manner, so as to avoid security problems.
Automatic Heat Presses at normal temperature, the installation of the plate to stay in the Automatic Heat Presses within the time, not more than 10 minutes, and to avoid operational errors, or Automatic Heat Presses electrical failure and other phenomena, so as not to damage the equipment. The operation of Automatic Heat Presses must be handled by the person, and the structure and performance of the equipment should be understood, and the training should be carried out after passing the training, and the operator should wear the protective equipment to avoid being burned by Automatic Heat Presses. Automatic Heat Presses After each class has been used, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and make a corresponding record.
In addition, when the Automatic Heat Presses is shut down, the hot plate should be closed, and if you stop using it for a long time, you must take anti-corrosion measures.
For the Automatic Maintenance Presses daily maintenance work is essential, so as to make it more durable, the following Automatic Heat Presses manufacturers to come to us about how to extend its life:
First, the appearance of the Automatic Heat Presses device is required to be wiped clean and the residual material present in the equipment is cleaned. Then, in the equipment need to add the location of lubricants, to add lubricants in time, but also need to regularly replace the equipment, lubricants. There is, full rest can effectively avoid the fatigue of the equipment operation, reduce the degree of wear and tear equipment.
In the Automatic Heat Presses work, we should always pay attention to the pressure cycle in the various stages of the pressure time is in line with the requirements; observe the location of the display device is normal, if there is a problem should be dealt with in time; also pay attention to hot plate Whether the temperature is in the normal range of the specified temperature, the board board surface is smooth, whether there are dent or convex marks; also pay attention to whether the slab density is consistent with the provisions of the requirements, whether the thickness of the board meet the requirements, whether the above Fouling phenomenon.
In short, adequate maintenance work will enable the Automatic Heat Presses equipment to remain perfectly and to facilitate the smooth operation of the production.