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How To Use Digital Printing Machine To Save Ink?

Jan 03, 2019

Digital printing machines are inkjet printing, which we all know, so ink is an indispensable part. Saving ink is also a form of profit maximization. So, how can you save ink during the printing process and what are the techniques for saving ink? Here we briefly introduce:

    1. Set the print mode correctly. Generally speaking, the text we print does not need to be very fine, as long as it can be seen clearly. The printing mode can be flexibly used before printing, which can effectively save ink. There are many options for the print mode. The finer the print quality, the more ink it consumes. So for a typical print job, choose the production mode.

    2. After using all the ink cartridges, when printing, usually about 20% of the remaining ink cartridges will indicate insufficient ink, reminding you to replace the ink cartridges. In this case, we can ignore it and continue to print the job until the last drop of ink is finished.

   3. Use the ink cartridge protection card to save, some brands do not have this protection card, some brands have this function, and some will have a cartridge for storing the ink cartridge when purchasing the device (now some general-purpose ink cartridges are also available), we must be good at using . Because the printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the cartridge is easily dried, especially in a dry environment. If you don't use a digital printer for a long time, you can take the cartridge and put it in the card, and put it in a sealed plastic bag as much as possible to slow down the ink.

    4. Minimize the number of switching machines, minimize the number of times the digital printing machine is turned on, and collect the fragmented file printing tasks together to print, which can save ink consumption. Because each time the digital printer starts, it initializes the printer and automatically cleans the printhead and refills the ink delivery system, which requires a large amount of ink. Therefore, you should try to put the print jobs together for printing, and do not turn the machine on and off at will.