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Hydraulic Machine Features

Dec 20, 2018

1 This machine adopts the overall stress-relieving and welded open structure to maintain the high strength and rigidity of the fuselage, as well as convenient operation space.

2 Double-column column adopts high-frequency vacuum quenching treatment to achieve the effect of resistance and wear resistance. The guide sleeve adopts imported high-precision ink bearing for guiding, and the flat pressing and stable repeatability can reach 0.02mm. Generally, the common guide post guide sleeve cannot be achieved.

3 Mechanical safety part The cylinder adopts the double-axis type to adjust the mechanical positioning, which can precisely control the lower limit position to ensure the thickness of the pressed product, and the repeatability can reach 0.02mm. The design of the loading and unloading mold is simple, convenient and fast. The operating surface is equipped with an infrared safety setting. Synchronize the hands and raise the protection device.

4 The industrial control part control mode is divided into manual/semi-automatic two. The manual mode is convenient for mold installation and correction, and the semi-automatic mode can control the dwell time. It is suitable for the pressing time requirements of various products.

5 The hydraulic part is designed with differential pressure circuit to achieve low noise and fast action requirements. It can reduce energy consumption during standby, and quickly turn to slower devices to quickly improve work efficiency and slow and accurate molding products. The cooling system keeps the oil temperature continuously at normal temperature.

6 Maintenance: The hydraulic system and the industrial control part and the fuselage are set independently, and the maintenance is simple, convenient and fast.