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Improve The Service Life Of Automatic Heat Presses

Oct 24, 2017

Improve the service life of Automatic Heat Presses
Automatic Heat Presses manufacturers produced by the Automatic Heat Presses in the use of the process, it is necessary to pay attention to its life, but in the use of the process, what should be the way to extend its life?
To extend the life of the method or a lot of the first let us think of is its production equipment for maintenance, including the appearance of the wipe, the main thing is to clean up the residual matter clean. Followed by the need to add the location of the oil in a timely manner to replace the oil, otherwise it will make the machine serious wear and tear phenomenon, there is the machine after a period of time, you need to stop to rest, and then do a good job of Automatic Heat Presses maintenance, These are what we need to know.
We need to know is that this product it is in the work of its Automatic Heat Presses system is very important, the general use of the most is the steam heating, usually in the heating time is steaming latent heat to heat the hot plate, over Hot water is heated with hot water to heat the hot plate, but when its heat is used, then it can be repeated use, mainly because these hot water is recycled, so the speed of flow It will be slower, but the hot water heating requires high-pressure saturated steam to heat the low temperature water.
In fact, it will appear this failure, first of all, we can check from the Automatic Heat Presses machine installation environment, mainly to check it above the machine is not in a more appropriate environment, only it will be used in the appropriate temperature environment , It can run better, there will be no failure, followed by the need to note that the machine location to stay away from the vibration source, to prevent the machine at work affect the processing accuracy and stability. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and avoid moisture to prevent the Automatic Heat Presses machine from getting wet.
First of all, in the use of the process, the requirements of the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductivity of the heat hi to a large, but also high, and requires flash point and spontaneous ignition point is very high. The second is that it is necessary to use at the rated temperature, because if the temperature is too high, then it will directly lead to the chemical bond of the chemical bond of the phenomenon of fracture, but also easy to crack, if the oil mixed with water or Other volatile substances, then it will affect the use.
In fact, this Automatic Heat Presses in the use of the process, its work is based on negative pressure to be positive pressure, in the production time, in conjunction with the use of special glue for production, so for the PVC series of processing, making Product line in place and paste the force is negative pressure equipment can not be compared, but it is because of the product of its pressure, low temperature, there is a short film pressure time, so it is a good solution to the negative pressure equipment Processing of the workpiece parallel problems, thereby reducing its degree of deformation.
In fact, when the Automatic Heat Presses in the work of the time, it will friction with the template, which pass some working pressure and operating temperature, so that the veneer and the substrate is more closely connected, so that the template was damaged. So in order to be able to strengthen, are the need to use this cushion, so you can make the Automatic Heat Presses work portfolio, the cushion will be between the hot plate and the template, play the working pressure and operating temperature can The effect of uniform transmission, so that it can be a good way to reduce the damage occurred.
The above method can help you to extend the life of Automatic Heat Presses, adequate maintenance work, so that equipment can always maintain a perfect state, easy to run in the smooth operation.