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Knowledge Of Hot Pressing Machine

Sep 27, 2019

Hot plate is the center of the hot press, its function is not outstanding will directly affect the slab quality. So today we are going to learn something about hot plates. The hot pressing plate has upper and lower lining plates, which are used to protect the hot pressing plate. In order to maintain the excellent function of the hot press, it is necessary to maintain the hot plate. For instance, between lining board and hot pressing board often clip the dirt such as wood bundle, should disassemble regularly lining board, remove dirt go. Hot pressing machine lining board is usually changed once a week, in order to polish the appearance, to ensure the quality of products. 

When installation goes up lining board, must pad good wood bundle ability to go up pressing. Damaged or different size of slab, not into the hot press. It is not allowed to press fiberboard directly without lining. When the machine is shut down for a long time, the condensate water in the hot plate of the hot press should be eliminated in time to avoid internal corrosion. Or the channel has a "short circuit" appearance. As long as the hot press center set up the function, ability to ensure the function of the whole machine.