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Method For Extending The Service Life Of Hydraulic Press

Dec 19, 2018

The hydraulic press uses a hydraulic drive system. Although the hydraulic drive of the machine feels that it saves time and effort, it also feels easy to damage. In fact, it is mainly because some users do not understand the working principle and construction characteristics, so they do not know how to do maintenance and maintenance work. Hydraulic presses have three main causes of failure: contamination, overheating, and air ingress. Therefore, in the usual use, one should pay more attention to these problems.

1. Cleaning work is an important step in the maintenance of hydraulic presses.

2. The discharge of condensed water also plays a more important role in the maintenance of hydraulic presses.

3. Frequently check whether there is a problem with bubbles, dripping, dripping or leaking.

4. Record the operating parameters of the hydraulic machine so that troubleshooting can be performed on a regular basis.

Mechanical equipment Hydraulic machine is important for maintenance. A good equipment can improve work efficiency, save a lot of cost, and extend the service life. To a certain extent, it also creates more benefits for customers.