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Pneumatic Heat Presses Of The Technical Indicators Which Have Two Points To Remember!

Sep 13, 2017

Pneumatic Heat Presses of the technical indicators which have two points to remember!
Technical indicators 1: Pneumatic Heat Presses response speed. For many of the equipment required for hot press processing, the actual response speed for the Pneumatic Heat Presses is naturally as fast as possible, so that the equipment can be processed more efficiently during the effective time to improve the overall production effectiveness. At the same time, the response is fast for the actual product hot pressing effect is also more secure, because there may be a lot of equipment is in a special state such as a certain temperature range of hot pressing, if Pneumatic Heat Presses not Can be in the corresponding time range to reach the welding temperature we need, then naturally it is not very good to complete these operations.
Technical Specifications II: welding accuracy. In the actual equipment welding work, we not only require Pneumatic Heat Presses to quickly reach the processing of the required temperature, while the actual welding accuracy requirements are more stringent. The technical requirements for the accuracy of the Pneumatic Heat Presses are higher because the impact of their welding accuracy on the use of the relevant equipment is more direct and significant.
 Pneumatic Heat Presses take precautions. Rubber seals specifications, structure and shape, in accordance with the provisions of the standard selection of drawings, not free to change.
Steam elbow seals Many Pneumatic Heat Presses steam pipe turn the union, all use asbestos packing seal. At high temperatures, asbestos fillers tend to harden the phenomenon of leakage. The use of better sealing performance of spherical union and PTFE sealing ring better, the seal can generally use about 1 year. There is also the asbestos line dipped in PTFE plastic, packed in the original packing box, the effect is good, but the use is not convenient. Replace the ring, the ball behind the circle to be cut at 45 ° angle to put on, but does not affect the sealing effect.
Maintenance of the hot plate The upper and lower liner of the hot plate is to protect the surface of the hot plate. On the liner more directly affect the board quality of slab, liner and hot plate often easy to sandwiched between wood and other dirt, should be regularly removed liner, the dirt removed. The upper liner is usually changed once a week to polish the surface to ensure finished board quality. When installing the upper liner, be sure to pad the wood bundle to pressure. Damaged or different sizes of slabs, can not enter the Pneumatic Heat Presses. Do not allow the liner to be directly pressed against the fiberboard. Stop a long time to be promptly ruled out the hot plate within the steam condensate, so as to avoid internal corrosion.
Pneumatic Heat Presses Local (or all) not hot, indicating that the internal channel is blocked. Or the channel has a "short circuit" phenomenon. Usually due to the hot plate in the original fixed "plug" off or moved by the location caused by, but sometimes caused by serious corrosion. If a large number of exhaust, still can not be part of the heating up to normal, need a dedicated deep hole drilling machine to open the channel check, remove the obstacles before they can continue to use. Hot plate found local leakage, you can use welding to fill, welding should be tested after the water pressure, the pressure for the steam pressure of 1.2-1.4 times, and repair welding at the Department. If the internal serious corrosion caused by leakage, should be replaced.
Pneumatic Heat Presses The price of the hot and cold oil is the way of heating is advanced and simple. To know that the temperature of the Pneumatic Heat Presses is generally above 200 ° C, if the heating of the heat transfer oil is not advanced, it only means that the Pneumatic Heat Presses are very effective and the price of the Pneumatic Heat Presses is low.
Pneumatic Heat Presses An energy saving indicator for heat transfer oil. Since the Pneumatic Heat Presses system itself is a closed system, the heat transfer oil is only repeated in this closed system.
If the performance of the heat transfer oil is very good, you can ensure that the use of Pneumatic Heat Presses will not fail for a long time, so it will also affect the price of Pneumatic Heat Presses.
Pneumatic Heat Presses The economy of the heat transfer oil. If the heat transfer oil often coke, Pneumatic Heat Presses will often be maintained, so that the quality of the product certainly not off. So the price of Pneumatic Heat Presses is not possible.