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Problems With The Use Of Hydraulic Presses At Work

Dec 18, 2018

The phenomenon of failure occurs: First, severe noise. A problem that may occur in the oil pump. When it is found that the suction oil filter is clogged, it is better to clean the oil filter. It is also possible that the oil viscosity is too high. The recommended method is to use the recommended hydraulic oil. It is also possible that the fuel tank surface is too low. It should be the best at the upper limit of the oil mark; it may also leak the pipe joint. It is recommended to use a hydraulic press to tighten the joint or replace the seal. Another possibility is mechanical vibration problems, such as the loose coupling, it is recommended to use a certain tightening screw back; it may also be that the oil pump is worn or damaged, the new pump should be repaired or updated; there may be problems with the pipeline vibration and so on.

Second, there is insufficient pressure or no pressure. What causes stress or no stress? Generally, the following conditions are common. If the oil pump is worn or damaged, it is recommended to repair or replace it; the viscosity of the oil is too low, use the recommended hydraulic oil; if the cooling is insufficient or interrupted, it is recommended to make the cooling water flow smoothly; damage the dirty parts or parts. , cleaning, repairing or renewing; make the overflow valve not closed, damage the same dirty things or parts inside, clean, repair or update; make the electrical faulty reversing valve open, if the piston sealing ring is damaged, it is best to change New pieces.