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Safety Precautions For Hydraulic Presses

Dec 17, 2018

If you operate the hydraulic machine in general, how to maintain it safely? The following things can be noted:

1 .Use the machine If you have instructions, it is best to read the manual first and then proceed.

2 .To ensure the operator's personal safety, please use the two-hand operation function.

3 .When the machine is working, it is forbidden to put the hand or body part into the working area of the moving plate. If there is no need to put the workpiece as much as possible, and the workpiece is taken in the tool, the standard hand tool must be used.

4 .The machine has good safety performance and there is no accident in normal operation. However, if the electrical components are aged or damaged, it may cause the machine to travel continuously during a single working stroke. Therefore, when any part of the operator's body enters the working area of the moving plate, all moving parts of the machine must be confirmed to avoid accidental disability.