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Swing-away Heat Presses Installation Method

Sep 25, 2017

Swing-away Heat Presses installation method
    In the application of Swing-away Heat Presses, the installation of the buffer pad on its application is very large, it is usually clamped between the hot plate and the template, the correct installation of the buffer pad can enhance the application performance of Swing-away Heat Presses, Specifically how to install it?
    Install the Swing-away Heat Presses cushion pad to swing the hot press cushion flat, evenly placed on the Swing-away Heat Presses, must be from top to bottom in the order of the cushion installed in the Swing-away Heat Presses and stainless steel plate in the middle of the template The The first non-fixed, to prevent the pavement into the debris, before the clean swing on the surface of the hot press, do not leave any debris, oil, other metal items, according to work requirements pre-hot pressure for 30 minutes, 80 degrees Celsius, and boost the pressure plate into a slightly closed state.
    Swing the hot press cushion pad of the fixed process, only the fixed length of the four corners, the width of the direction is best not to be fixed, and then fixed around the equidistant and then put into use to ensure that the performance of the buffer pad to be fully play.
 Swing-away Heat Presses manufacturers of equipment types can be more than one, which is a recognized by a Swing-away Heat Presses is single-sided Swing-away Heat Presses, this Swing-away Heat Presses and double-sided Swing-away Heat Presses different, we Need to understand its application information, so as to ensure that the application of single-sided Swing-away Heat Presses effect is good.
    In the process of single-sided Swing-away Heat Presses operation, we should pay attention to whether the pressure in each stage of the hot pressing cycle conforms to the operation requirements of the Swing-away Heat Presses. But also need to observe the Swing-away Heat Presses display is normal, if found to have any problems, need to be processed; the operator should wear the appropriate protective equipment, so you can prevent the Swing-away Heat Presses burn, but also To avoid operational errors to swing the hot press failure phenomenon.
    When the Swing-away Heat Presses manufacturers single-sided Swing-away Heat Presses after use, you need to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, which can effectively extend the life of the Swing-away Heat Presses, which is swinging hot press applications can not be ignored problem.
 The use of Swing-away Heat Presses products is very popular with consumers, which is the key point is that it is the heating problem, which is the impact of the application of Swing-away Heat Presses is very large, so we have to understand its heating problem.
    There are two ways to use the Swing-away Heat Presses to heat, one is from the hot plate on both sides to the intake, and then from the middle of the exhaust; there is a situation on the contrary, from the middle of the intake, And then from the two rows out; the existence of this situation requires us to pay attention when the installation of staggered development, making the hot plate to achieve a uniform temperature, thereby further enhancing its performance, the specific use of which way manufacturers need to be based on the actual situation Choose the right method.
  Swing-away Heat Presses manufacturers are widely used, in order to better use it, the need for timely cleaning it, and the correct cleaning process can extend the service life of the equipment, specifically how to clean it?
     The daily cleaning of the Swing-away Heat Presses is very important, first of all need to be in addition to grease, and then use kerosene for degreasing, there is the need for its various parts of the cleaning, parts scrub should be the order, first wash the main parts , After washing the secondary parts, in the cleaning process, the various parts in the clean after the completion of, can not be stacked together, mainly to prevent the phenomenon of bruises.
     Swing-away Heat Presses manufacturers said that after the completion of the operation, be sure to use clean compressed air to clean it, you can also use cotton to dry, do not just clean the parts directly installed to use, or air compressor opportunities deflagration.