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T-shirt Heat Transfer Machine Operator Manual

Jan 03, 2019

Although the T-shirt printing machine can reduce personnel costs and printing steps, it also has strict requirements for operators. For skilled operators, not only can the T-shirt printing machine be better used, but also reduce errors and increase work efficiency. So what qualifications do T-shirt printing machine operators need?

1, proficient in T-shirt printing machine knowledge

Professional technicians should be proficient in the knowledge of T-shirt printing machine, some simple fault handling procedures, daily maintenance and cleaning of T-shirt printing machine; new users of T-shirt printing machine may train T-shirt printing machine operator, certain Be serious about taking notes and understanding all aspects.

2, familiar with T-shirt printing machine related accessories

For the common accessories of the T-shirt printing machine, it is necessary to know, for example, the nozzle, the ink cartridge, the ink pump, the ink bag, the ink cartridge, the ink tube, the ink absorber, etc., to know and clear the function of the corresponding accessory. Convenient for later use and protection, because the T-shirt printing machine contains many common accessories in the accessories, the consumables that may be replaced frequently in the later application protection process. To understand the function of each switch on the T-shirt printing machine, the operation and function of each button on the display, the conditioning method, the parameters of the machine default, etc., to understand and set;

3, do a good job of T-shirt printing machine maintenance

In the actual application of T-shirt printing machine, if you do not print, you must first turn off the machine and then turn off the power. The operator should pay attention to the protection and maintenance work of the T-shirt printing machine, strictly operate the equipment according to the procedure, and usually pay attention to the T. The surface of the shirt printing machine is clean, the nozzle is clean and moisturized; the accurate paper medium consumable device, the use of the ink of the T-shirt printing machine and the timely increase of the ink volume of the ink cartridge are increased.