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T-shirt Printing Machine Nozzle Height Adjustment Brief

Jan 03, 2019

 When you understand the T-shirt printing machine, you will often see a nozzle height adjustment in the product parameters. Today, we briefly describe this product parameter.

In fact, customers who have used T-shirt printing machines know. The nozzles of each T-shirt printing machine have an adjustable height, generally between 1.5 and 3 mm. This adjustment is adjusted according to the thickness of the medium. For example, the medium of 1.0 mm should be adjusted by 1.5 mm. Too large will affect the print quality of the nozzle.

Why do we need to adjust the nozzle spacing according to the thickness of the media? In fact, it is very simple. If the thickness of the medium is 2mm and the height of the nozzle is only 1.5mm, then the T-shirt printing machine will have the risk of crushing when it is printed, and it may burn the motor. If the thickness of the medium is only 1 mm and the height of the nozzle is 3 mm, the distance of the ink will cause deviations in the ink trajectory ejected from the nozzle, resulting in turbidity of the printed image and affecting the print quality.

The general T-shirt printing machine is the default maximum spacing, which can prevent users from crushing the nozzle without knowing it. Users need to know more about the after-sales skills and knowledge when purchasing T-shirt printing machine, and print high-quality images.