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The Problem Of Multipurpose Heat Presses Is That It Can Be Stopped On Maintenance

Oct 24, 2017

The problem of Multipurpose Heat Presses is that it can be stopped on maintenance
Multipurpose Heat Presses is a high-intensity work of the machine, so the use of a long time, it is more prone to problems, but maintenance is not as good as maintenance, do not know some of the basic maintenance is just unknown, Function hot press manufacturers tell us how they usually maintain Multipurpose Heat Presses it?
In the process of using Multipurpose Heat Presses found in the Multipurpose Heat Presses there is no hot problem, then whether local or overall, this phenomenon shows that multi-layer Multipurpose Heat Presses there is a short circuit or jam problem Appears, and the emergence of this problem is that Multipurpose Heat Presses morning corrosion phenomenon, and Multipurpose Heat Presses inside the case of leakage, then we need to be welded to repair. Also need to pay attention to the Multipurpose Heat Presses hot plate, the Multipurpose Heat Presses liner we have to remove the inside of the impurities are cleared, every week to replace the above liner, wait until he Clean up the work done by the ping we have to give him pad fiberboard, can effectively avoid the Multipurpose Heat Presses internal rust problems.
Some of the control requirements are not too high machinery, such as wood production commonly used in the Multipurpose Heat Presses generally use a key to control the motor and stop. It is generally necessary to add a fuse to prevent the current from breaking the machine in its passage. Then the installation of this control circuit and what needs to pay attention to it?
1, long hours of work
In the production of Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers usually use the knife switch or iron switch. As the Multipurpose Heat Presses has a single work is often a long time to work, so the performance of the motor is also required, must be stable enough to meet the long hours of high-power work. But because it is not often started, there is also a benefit that you can use the protection of the fuse to achieve the motor without the use of fuses.
2, direct start more convenient
Use the contactor to click directly to start or stop the control circuit, the circuit works is to control the sub-power supply, the circuit works is the main contact closed to drink the motor power to start, while side by side on both sides of the contact also closed their own Coil, so that after the release of the coil can still guarantee the normal work of the motor.
3, overload protection more secure
Through the two different fuses to achieve the main circuit and the control circuit of the short-circuit fuse protection, if the motor capacity is small this also omitted. Self-locking circuit can make the Multipurpose Heat Presses is under protection is to protect the role, and when the voltage drop is too large, you can lift the lock, to ensure equipment safety.
In the production process, when the Multipurpose Heat Presses after the pressure, the temperature and pressure by the two-tier effect, hot plate often presents pits, cracks, deformation, etc., but also produce uneven temperature, and limit the Of the board after the sanding white plaque, part of the soft, tabby wrinkles, hard layer thickness inequality defects, so that the quality of goods has been greatly affected. In particular, after the deformation of the hot plate, the thickness of the rough thickness of the larger layers, and some thick, sand in the sand when the hard layer of sand, sanding when the sand surface is not sand. In order to reduce the quality of the board, the board must be added to the thickness of the board and the thickness of the hard layer to ensure the minimum amount of sanding, so that not only the cost of production, but also Resulting in uneven density of the board, the food business standard deposit deformation and other quality defects, together with the sander to adjust the difficulties. There is no doubt that the main reason for the large error of the thickness of the board produced by the Multipurpose Heat Presses production line is due to the deformation of the hot plate.
Want to use good, have to keep well. This tells us usually must pay attention to his maintenance, so as to improve the efficiency of work, to extend the life of Multipurpose Heat Presses, cost savings, hope Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers can help you to introduce.