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Thermal Transfer Printer Operation Precautions

Dec 06, 2018

  When using a thermal transfer printer, if the operator is not familiar with the printing practices, it will cause unnecessary damage. So how do we prevent these unnecessary losses? First of all, we need to understand the operation notes of the thermal transfer printer:

1. When the print head is in a high temperature state. Do not allow contact until the nozzle temperature drops. In case of being burnt.

2. Do not touch the printed cable connector and the metal part of the print head. Never touch the print head while the print head is working.

3. Please do not disassemble, move or drag at will. If there is any fault, please contact the information staff.

4. Prohibit foreign matter (staple, metal sheet, liquid, etc.) from entering the unit, otherwise it may cause electric shock or machine failure.

5. For the same duplicate file, please do not exceed 5 copies. If it exceeds 5 copies, you should get the copy on the front desk copy machine.

6. When the print volume is too large, keep the print volume within 30 copies and let the printer rest for 5-10 minutes to avoid overheating and damage.