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What Are The Advantages Of Thermal Transfer Paper?

Dec 05, 2018

With the recent development of thermal transfer printers, as one of the consumables for thermal transfer printers, many applications have begun to use thermal transfer paper for printing. We can also see related thermal transfer paper manufacturers. It is also getting more and more. It can not only be used to synthesize our common fiber fabrics, but also some natural fiber printing or blending fabrics can be used for thermal transfer printing. What are the main advantages of thermal transfer paper?

The biggest advantage of thermal transfer paper is that it is very environmentally friendly. It can be operated without water, so that it will not produce sewage, so it is a very green and environmentally friendly product. In the whole process of the process, its process time is also very short, basically printed is the complete finished product, completely no need for special post-processing. In addition, the thermal transfer paper produced by the thermal transfer paper manufacturer usually has a very fine pattern and a strong artistic sense, which is quite incomparable with many of the prints. Moreover, the printing color of the thermal transfer paper we saw is also very fresh, and the end result is that it will not pollute the dyed fabric.

Now the quality of the thermal transfer paper we use is also very high, which is also an advantage that other types of printing do not have, and because of its short production time, so the flexibility is also very strong, the general customer has chosen The desired pattern can be made in a short period of time. These are some of the advantages of thermal transfer paper.