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What Are The Advantages Of Thermal Transfer Printers?

Dec 07, 2018

With the advent of digital printing, more and more people are using thermal transfer printers, and a hot transfer wind has been set off.

    Advantage one, long-term preservation. For companies, the relevant documents, especially those that are kept for a long time, generally have only one copy. And because it was improperly preserved, it was destroyed. Then it takes a lot of experience to get the text back. This increases the repeatability and timeliness of the work. The thermal transfer printer perfectly solves this problem. It can stand the test of time. The text will not fade or wear out due to exposure to solvents.

    Advantage 2, the text does not fade. We all know the problems with previous printers due to materials and pigments. A lot of files are kept until now. Some of the text is blurred. The use of the more popular thermal transfer printers, the perfect solution to the problem of text fading. This has resulted in many companies saving more money and reducing the cost of labor. The text printed by thermal transfer will not change color even if it encounters high temperature.

 In addition to the above two advantages, thermal transfer printers have the following advantages:

    1. Simple operation, exquisite printing and low production cost;

    2, the color pattern is formed at one time, no need to color;

    3, in line with green environmental printing standards, no environmental pollution.

    4. The product has low loss, high added value and strong process decoration. High hiding power and strong adhesion;