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What Are The Factors That Affect The Data Transmission Between Printing Machines And Computers?

Jan 10, 2019

Apparel printing is the hottest industry in the moment, so a good printing is inseparable from a high-quality printing machine. How to make the data transmission between the garment printing machine and the computer better and idealized, so that the garment printing machine Better operation? The specific methods are as follows:

1, computer configuration problems

The computer configuration is not high or the computer operating system is slow, the RIP software data cache space is small, the computer operating system is infected with malicious code virus, etc., causing the data transmission to be interrupted or slow; for this problem, you can try to replace the computer online test print, the computer operating system Perform virus check, reinstall the related RIP software, and set up RIP software in the photo machine to set up enough data cache space.

2, network data line interface problem

Data line problems between the photo machine and the computer, such as the USB interface photo machine, using USB data for online data transmission, USB data line is too long or of poor quality, will affect the data transmission problem when the photo machine prints, if it is a network The interface of the photo machine, please check the online network cable, the crystal head of the network cable is in good contact, whether the sorting order is correct, often the network cable is not sorted correctly and the crystal head is not carded, it will affect the data transmission, especially the transmission of big data will make the photo The printing of the machine is particularly slow, and even the data transmission is incomplete and there is a problem of interruption. Therefore, when the user connects the computer to the computer, please use a good quality USB data cable or a shielded network cable.

3, the driver problem

The driver related to the photo machine should be installed correctly. The USB interface photo machine must be installed for the USB driver. The network interface photo machine should be connected according to the online installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.