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What Are The Tips For Choosing A Printing Machine?

Jan 10, 2019

1, transfer or direct injection

The choice of the printing process directly determines the choice of the type of digital printing machine. For the clothing fabric printing, it is the choice of the transfer process or the direct injection process, and the choice of the digital printing machine has a directional decision. The transfer process investment is small, the printing precision is high, but the applicable fabric is limited, mainly suitable for chemical fiber fabrics. The direct injection process generally requires fabric sizing, steaming, washing, etc., and the relative investment is relatively large, but the fabric has a wide application range, and can be applied to fabric types such as polyester, nylon, cotton, hemp, silk, wool, and modal.

2, printing precision to see the fabric

Enterprises can choose equipment that can meet the customer's printing precision according to the different fabrics and customers' needs. Generally speaking, fabrics with relatively fine and smooth fabrics have higher precision requirements, such as silk and chiffon; fabrics with relatively coarse fibers have lower requirements on precision, such as canvas and sweater. Pay attention to the accuracy of printing. It is not the higher the precision, because accuracy and efficiency are two opposite factors. If the accuracy is higher, the efficiency is lower.