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What Equipment And Materials Are Needed For The Thermal Transfer Process?

Jan 10, 2019

1. Printer continuous supply system: continuous ink supply system for thermal transfer;

2. Printer: One desktop printer;

3. Heat transfer machine: a flat heat transfer machine, or a baking machine, a baking machine, etc.;

4. Thermal transfer special coating liquid: In order to adapt the thermal transfer ink to more surface of the object (mainly non-woven), it can be matched with the thermal transfer coating to achieve satisfactory output;

5. Printing media: The fabric is mainly composed of polyester and polyester-cotton blended fabric; the hard articles are mainly made of high temperature resistant materials such as film, metal, glass, ceramic (tile, porcelain cup), PVC, etc.

6. Thermal transfer special paper: The thermal transfer special paper can uniformly and fully absorb the thermal transfer ink, and at the high temperature, the absorbed thermal transfer ink can be completely released from the paper, and the color is transferred to the transfer object. surface;

7. Thermal transfer special ink: Thermal transfer ink is also called sublimation ink. Features: It belongs to water-based ink, high color saturation, wide color gamut; stable ink dispersion, effective protection of nozzle; good compatibility, print reproducibility it is good. Compared with other inks, the thermal transfer ink has to be transferred to the article at a high temperature to show the original color. The color originally printed on the transfer paper is not the final color, and it takes a certain period of time to show the color. The original color.