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What Is The Working Principle Of Hot Press

Sep 19, 2019

A hot press is a machine that can first heat up two predetermined solder - coated parts to a temperature at which the solder melts and flows. Then, after curing, a device can be formed between the parts and the solder, which is connected to the electrical and mechanical equipment. So the following to say what is the working principle of the hot press.

For different products, it is a heating rate can be selected. Its one titanium alloy head is capable of ensuring average temperature, rapid temperature rise and extended service life. The head is also designed to be horizontally thickened to ensure an even compression of the components. It also has a digital display of the pressure gauge, which can be preset in the pressure range.

Hot press working principle is also the use of the principle of pulse heating pressure head, a surface of the welding head is through a special design, the welding surface resistance is very small, the current will be in a section of the least resistance to constantly change the voltage to bring up a positive current level. It is then heated rapidly by the welding head. In addition, apply positive pressure on the basis of negative pressure, and then match with a special glue, if it is for the processing of PVC series, its linear position and adhesive force is incomparable to the negative pressure equipment. Because its pressure is larger, the temperature is lower film pressure time, so that the negative pressure equipment in the processing of a deformation of the workpiece.

For hot press working principle is what we have to say hot press is the control of advanced electronic products, and then through adjustment can be carried out on it into the stage, the stage, temperature and film pressure and other processes to automatically complete. Hydraulic press is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and volume, vacuum can be adjusted to first low pressure and then high pressure adsorption, and then through adjustment can make the product to achieve an ideal effect.