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When The Multipurpose Heat Presses After The Use Of Abnormal

Sep 25, 2017

When the Multipurpose Heat Presses after the use of abnormal
    Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers equipment applications, the heat is a very important application issues, users need to strictly control their friends to ensure that its heat is normal, to achieve better results in this application, the heat back to the impact of its Apply the effect, need to understand the relevant information in advance.
    Want to avoid the heat reflow phenomenon in the application of Multipurpose Heat Presses, need to ensure that the hot plate has the same flow, the most smooth on the bottom of the Multipurpose Heat Presses, the most unobstructed on the highest level; At the same time the top and bottom of the two layers, to use asbestos insulation, the purpose of doing so is to prevent Multipurpose Heat Presses because of overheating and damage, to achieve better sheet hot pressing effect.
    Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers in order to make the hot layer hot plate to achieve the most ideal flow, usually hot plate are controlled separately, so that in some special circumstances, we can achieve the best results, if the multi-functional hot Machine heat return situation, according to the above method, can effectively avoid unnecessary economic losses.
  The use of Multipurpose Heat Presses, the heat transfer oil is very important for the application of Multipurpose Heat Presses greater impact, the use of thermal oil is mainly fancy its energy efficiency, economy and advanced, and today we come A detailed understanding of its advanced nature.
    In the use of Multipurpose Heat Presses, the heating temperature of the hot plate is generally about 200 ℃; and the heat conduction oil has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, the heat conduction oil can be heated to 300 ℃, and the working pressure of the system is only the heat pump needs To overcome the pipeline resistance of the cycle pressure. Usually heat conduction oil in the 0.4-0.6MPa low pressure can reach high boiling point, the importance of thermal oil for Multipurpose Heat Presses is not the general situation can be compared, it is worth to pay much attention to us.
    Multipurpose Heat Pressesing machine used in the heating oil heating is a closed heating cycle system, heat transfer is ideal, heat transfer uniform, heating temperature change is small, can accurately control the operating temperature, heating equipment, the temperature difference can be controlled at ± 2 ℃ or less, or even can reach ± 1 ℃, the application of excellent results.
  Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers of equipment is now made when the plate is often used to the machine, this machine can be made in the plate when the plate can be squeezed together to improve the quality of the plate itself, so the quality of equipment is optional Very critical.
     In the purchase of Multipurpose Heat Presses must pay attention to whether the machine itself is a refurbished model, because now there are many Multipurpose Heat Presses manufacturers in the production of Multipurpose Heat Presses will use some of the old Multipurpose Heat Presses to be modified to reduce the price of Multipurpose Heat Presses to increase their market competitiveness, so we choose to try to open the inside carefully check the line and the machine is new, to ensure that equipment is applied well.
  Multipurpose Heat Presses application process, there will be some abnormalities, affecting the operation of the equipment, this time, we have to do is to find abnormal reasons and solve, then we have to do to find the reason?
    Want to solve the operation of Multipurpose Heat Presses abnormalities, first of all we need to check their own lubrication state there is no bad situation, and can lead to this abnormal situation, or because the hot acting hydraulic pump, into the air The situation caused by, etc., when they can not correctly understand the real reasons for the use of abnormal hot press, it is best to ask professionals to repair, not unauthorized removal, so as not to affect the professional staff of the normal repair.
    When the Multipurpose Heat Presses after the use of abnormal, we must understand the fault, and then in the targeted repair, so as to have a better repair effect.