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Working Principle Of Heat Press

Sep 27, 2019

On the basis of the negative pressure and positive pressure, with special glue, hot press for the processing of PVC series, the lines in place and paste force is negative pressure equipment cannot be compared, because of its high pressure, low temperature, film pressure time is short, to solve the negative pressure device, particularly large workpiece when machining deformation problem, make the degree of distortion of work piece is reduced greatly.

Adopt the advanced electronic new product control, through the adjustment can enter the stage, rise the stage, heat up, vacuum, film pressure, remove the film, drop the stage of the processing process automatically complete. It is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is made of steel plate, with a reasonable overall structure. The two workstations can be recycled or used separately. Vacuum can be adjusted to the first low pressure, then high pressure suction, film pressure up to 0.4MPa, through adjustment, so that the product to achieve the ideal effect.